A bit of history behind a rural house in Calblanque

This is how it all began in 2010. After many years enjoying these wild, lonely and clean water beaches, by chance we found Las Jordanas House. A curious story, whose protagonists were former settlers coming from a family since the beginning of  XIX century inhabited the house: la Mañe, los Hernández, the huge 400 years old olive tree prevailing over the garden, big palm trees everywhere, pomegranate trees... but It´s better to come and visit us so as to see for yourself...  Then with that house we found a solution to find accommodation everytime we were going to Calblanque: where to sleep, La Manga? Cartagena? Cabo de Palos? Los Belones? There´s no longer any problem: as we   could finally sleep happilly at night, listening to the long-eared owl, crickets, many early-morning birds , eagles flying over the mountains, hikers and the smell of rosemary and thyme caressed by the sea breeze...beside the best beaches still in wilderness in the Mediterranean see .

After an eternity of renovation works, plenty of problems and burocracy we´ve got it. Now It´s not a dream, it´s real, enjoying Natural Wildlife Reserve of Calblanque our own way and every season of the year. But now there is also something very important:  Yes, It is, you, fond of travelling, loving natural world, different places, tranquillity. You also will be able to enjoy of these exceptional surroundings because our project, our dream finally came true: your Bed and Breakfast accommodation in Calblanque, (Las Jordanas), since the 1st of June of 2013. You also will be able to experience those feelings that we are already enjoying.

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